A Burned WIZARD Forest

By ieva on June 8th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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She only seemed to listen to the sounds of the falling drops. The noise of the water was an unpleasant sound and she hated the cool wet. One pull went through her chest. Thunderstorms, lightning strikes, rain. Only continuous rain day in day out... If it went on like this, she would probably lose her forest. Everything under water - a terrible thought...

Looking from the hill, you could see a glittering trail through the forest - it was the path she had followed. She was now at the highest point, where a green plain lay before it. There stood a cauldron that looked polished to a high gloss and exceeded her height many times over. Hardly illuminated by the moonlight, the rain blurred everything.
Smiling, she floated up and touched the pile of wood with her Touch of Madness. It crackled. White smoke rose and held itself as fog in the air. He immediately gathered into small clouds that spread around the area. The cauldron was filled to the brim with a shimmering liquid that gradually bubbled on its surface. She pulled out a small bottle containing a blue liquid. She opened it and put three drops in the kettle. It hissed wildly. There was a sulfurous smell in the air, immediately replaced by peppermint. She plucked a green, juicy leaf from one of the surrounding trees. And let it slide into the cauldron. The fire blazed with very strong intensity; the contents foamed. Then she led her staff in circling movements, very slowly. This seemed too much for the bird on her staff; immediately it had disappeared protesting in the night. When she had finished her movement, she looked into the darkness, out on the shining path she had come - and waited. Suddenly the cauldron creaked. First a little, then getting louder and louder. A shining ray of fire, filled with incredible energy, shot up from the cauldron into the sky. Another jet of fire shot past her. Suddenly the energy of the sphere was released in an explosion and flew back into the cauldron. And Booom! She saw fire, glowing waves spreading in all directions.
At high speed she dashed through the forest. She plunged and tried to stand up again as another wall of fire rushed towards her. She jumped back. She almost got it if she hadn't rolled into the river. The flames burst over the surface of the water.
She looked down at herself and shrugged her shoulders. Then she grinned suggestively.

This is my Story (*inspired by burning forest on Dragonfall map)
Unused Screens: https://imgur.com/a/THasEJF
When I played Dragonfall map a week ago, I was enthusiastic about burning forest. ANet has really nice design (although I don't really like map itself with whole events).
I spontaneously wrote a story about a witch who hates rain and wants to conjure up some warmth, but the spell goes wrong :) And there the magic forest is ablaze.
I've chosen some fiery armor colors/weapon mix. Here also Infusion could fit Koda's Warmth Enrichment, but since I'm not really a fan of infusions, it's enough with effects of weapons. As I just wrote, the photo action was quite spontaneous, so I took Incinerator, because it was just in the inventory. Actually I was supposed to make Primordus Scepter, but so what?
I hope you like my witch in the burning forest
Weapons: Incinerator + Touch of Madness & The Raven Staff


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