...only Lost TREASURE Reef

By ieva on June 6th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Tyrian freighters, canthan junks, pirate galleons: worldwide loners dive for the gold or porcelain in sunken ships. A destructive and risky undertaking. The traditions of famous treasures are numerous. By far most of them were never found. They always tell an interesting piece of history, often about tragic incidents of greed, robbery and murder.

What she loves more than sunken treasures is the way there. Down, into the dark green depth. The sea is her territory and she is a corsair, obsessed with revealing her secrets.
With a wide step she goes overboard and down. The visibility is only a few meters. The deeper, the creepier. Her feet disappear into the darkness. The world in the sea is oppressive, gloomy, exhausting. The fact that one hardly recognizes what lies in front of one gives free rein to the head cinema. The primal fear of the unknown slowly gnaws away the rational certainty that there is really nothing lurking there but sand and rotten wreckage. The time window is narrow. The sea stands still only when there is backwater, when the ebb and flow of the tide is coming to an end. Then the current is so weak that you can dive at all. You have one hour. And nobody wants to be out here for too long, the weather is unpredictable. Not without reason there is a huge ship graveyard in front of the island.

This is my Story (*inspired by Sharkbait)
Two days ago I played Heavy Corsair Boots and today I came across a new underwater weapon Sharkbait. This calls for a new look - an outlaw, corsair, deep-sea diver :)
I tried not to create a typical pirate look (with pirate hat, sabre etc.) but still something light, rather fabric/leather looking. Not so easy for heavy armour class, which has very few non-metallic parts. I hope I succeeded. Only a few metal parts on the leather belt, boots/shoulder fittings and gloves don't really look like heavy armour.
The colors are red/brown/silver once again adapted to the chest part (the glowing areas between the ribs and the sleeves can hardly be colored). And I had to use 3 different shades of red to match the color of the details.
For deep sea I used Pirate Sledge. Almost all skins connected with "water" fit here: Krait, Orrian and Pirate weapons with a few exceptions. Instead of this pirate shield (from nailed boards), I'd rather use Chronomancer's Shield.
Sharkbait - impaled Barracuda as underwater weapon completes my outfit.

So have fun dive deep into the ocean for sunken treasure. Beware of hungary sharks!
Weapons: Sharkbait (Spear)
Rime-Rimmed Mariner's Rebreather


Fashion Guru
I like your treasure hunter!
Very interesting armor mix (maybe gloves are a bit too metallic?) and colors are also very well chosen. Has something of GW1 corsair look.
The spear is funny (where do you get it?)
2019-06-06 10:46

Thanks for your comment. I bought the spear at TP...
2019-06-06 15:33 in reply to Frans

Fashion Guru
Beautiful as always :)
2019-06-06 21:40

Thank you :)
2019-06-07 14:36 in reply to jesandsteven