Isabella - Playboy look

By LordRail on May 29th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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This is my first look based on Phoenix / Profane Armor sets and my personal try to make something great for you guys ! Feel free to add your comments and help me make it better ! Ty and enjoy!


I feel like there's a lot to be improved, especially with the dyes. But the armor mix definitely suits the Playboy bunny look for me, just I feel it needs to be a little less brighter.
2019-05-30 4:42

Ty Mendradex, appreciate your comment ! I ll try to improve it and get some better stuff.
2019-05-30 9:31

Fashion Guru
Like Trahearne would say, "This won't end well." That's hideous. Apart from the fact that ingame 1000-e tasteless bunnies run around, nothing fits together here (especially whole Legy stuff).
2019-05-30 13:51

Ty for being so rude to me Frans :(
I was just asking for help. Anyway thanks for the tip
2019-05-30 16:21

Fashion Guru
Sorry, I don't know how I can help you. Use the search function here... maybe you'll find a halfway acceptable armor mix with Bunny Ears.
But I don't change my mind: even if you put aside whole Legy stuff, it has nothing to do with good fashion taste.
2019-05-31 6:16 in reply to LordRail

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