Simple and elegant Charr plate armor

By Metsys on May 8th, 2019
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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Been whispered ingame enough times with people asking what outfit I was using, so I thought I might aswell finally post it here and just refer people to this site.
A simple, but elegant-looking plate armor for Charr characters, both male and female.
Headarmor is optional, I picked Magnus' Left Eyepatch here.
The blue "cloth" sections of the armor can easily be dyed in other colors to match one's preferences.
The blue dye is Sand Shark Dye.
The plated armor parts achieve this metal look with Murky Grey Dye.
Shoulders are Elegy Pauldrons.
Chest is Luminous Heavy Cuirass.
Hands are Elegy Gauntlets.
Legs are Funerary Tassets.
Feet are Elegy Greaves.
For weapons I chose Scion's Claw as the sword and Celestial Compass as the focus.


Fashion Guru
The armor mix/colors can be seen on the left... It would be more interesting to read a background story or a description of what moved you to choose this armor/colors or what your character is...
2019-05-11 8:16