By Trichon on May 7th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Gold
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Since I got my requiem armor done for all armor types, I decided to create this Zeus/God theme ele. Leave some feedback :)


To be honest It looks a little messy.
I don't feel the shoulders and the back are suitable for the rest of your set.
If not for that, I believe you have a good foundation for something quite good!
2019-05-09 17:49

The scythe staff looks really out of place here, same for the staff and the backpack.
If you were going for a Zeus themed look, I'd recommend maybe switching the hair/beard color to something more saturated or lighter. Same for the golden dyes you're using, they're not really creating a godlike effect to the character, actually the exact opposite. A brighter dye like illumination for example might work a little better here.
2019-05-10 17:15