Knight possessed by a Dragon

By Mithras on May 5th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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After the death of Mordremoth, the power she ruled spread throughout the world of Tyria.
Many beings who lived under the rule of the forest dragon lost their sense to life.
It was an opportunity for another powerful creature living in the Shiverpeaks mountains.
Kralkatorrik The Crystal Dragon reached for the remnants of Mordremoth's army.
The forces of nature, observing the growing evil, decide to send his guard to seal the new servants of the crystal dragon.

On the shots I wanted to show the scene of the seal of the character by Water Jinn.
My goal was to show that you can combine parts of the armor that are considered heavy in combination. I also wanted to show that it is possible to combine the effect of the beast mode with the armor so that they interact with each other.

I invite you to watch.


Fashion Guru
On most of your screens you only see effects and hardly your character...
2019-05-06 7:30

Fashion Collector
I see that you do not understand the concept. Showing effects that are not assigned to a character, or a combination of armor parts, so that it looks like a light armor, for example, being medium. At the end, show something that is considered rather bad in choosing the best light.
Your presentation creates an impression that you understand what's going on ...
2019-05-06 11:00 in reply to Frans

I second Frans, the screenshots are really unclear and you can hardly see the character thru all the effects, and I'm not the biggest fan of the armor mix tbh. Kinda creates an illusion that the character is naked waist down.
Great colours tho.
2019-05-08 6:15

Fashion Collector
It was written by a person who never tried to even take shots with the interaction with monsters. Therefore, throwing anything on this page is a waste of time when a person who practically can not do anything without photoshop and framing shots comments. I think that judging your presentations with your thinking will be just.
2019-05-08 7:36 in reply to ristiturpa

Fashion Collector
You must hate Donald's Duck XD.
2019-05-08 8:05 in reply to ristiturpa

maybe learn to take negative feedback

and stop being childish:
2019-05-08 8:53 in reply to Mithras