By ieva on April 25th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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There is no period when a wish ritual is inappropriate, but there are times when they are more effective. Standing barefoot under the full moon I will make a witch ointment and rub it on a dead, well dried rooster...

The day was clear and frosty cold. A light but steady wind from the north carried the biting promise of new snowfalls. I trembled while my breath in front of me created fog spirits in the air. Near a water geyser I stood with a tuna bait. I have to stand still, wait for the right moment and then lift my arm up when a huge Flopping Tuna jumps out... Now the moment is concentration. But I already played through the next scene in my mind, how a rat would kill, how the black blood would soak the ground, how the hair would burn and only a pile of ash would remain...
I felt my fingernails already boring into my palm, but the slight pain reminded me that this was not a dream. I cannot rest yet. There is still so much to do...

I can fly... My eyes are sharp, they see everything. Every spider's web wetted with water, which holds itself between the blades of grass, every spider that is wrapping its prey. I see every rat crawling into its hole for fear of me, every fly and every witch hunter trying to ambush me...

This is my Story (*inspired by Magnificent Hummingbird)
I haven't posted a sylvari look in a long time. A few days ago I got from BLC Magnificent Hummingbird skin and since then an idea of a feathered witch spat in my head. I mixed different armor parts that have feathers. Then I thought: Lucky Rooster Lantern as a back item could fit well. More difficult was the choice of weapons. First I wanted to use Mordrem weapon skins, but that was a bit too colorful and planty for me. So I chose Nest and Mojo, which reminds me of Voodoo Doll. Despite the feathers I didn't want to make screens in the desert again and so I decided to try something else and put my witch out in the snow where she does strange rituals like catching flopping tunas... And for all skeptics - I know - Hummingbird is a tropical bird, but that's my Fantasy :)
I hope you have fun looking at it
Weapons: Ravenwood Staff * Nest & Mojo
Back Item: Lucky Rooster Lantern


Fashion Guru
thats awesome :D
2019-04-25 17:23

I like how you worked the rooster into the ritual. :)
2019-04-26 22:02

Fashion Guru
solid gold !
2019-04-27 2:46

Thanks a lot!
2019-04-27 4:50

I do not know how you do this fish trick, but it looks very good. I did not know that the snow stays on bare feet. Expression and a lot of time spent on this presentation. You do not need to add more.
2019-05-08 11:27

This is a very well executed look. Love everything except the head piece, it's one of those skins I can not like it no matter the look.

The feathery armor combo is spot on, and the dye job is magnificent, even the mockingbird does not look like a tropical bird and in this case, it is more like a forest bird, almost a sparrow. For me, the dyes really sold the all look.
The choice of weapons was well done, imo. I really like the ones you chose instead of the mordrem.

2019-05-20 10:21

Thank you very much!
2019-05-29 7:30 in reply to sevencat

Thanks for comment :)
As for this fish trick - is completing the heart (Help the cold and hungry dredge) in Thunderhead Peaks.
2019-05-29 7:59 in reply to Mithras