At night, the FOG rolls in ...

By ieva on April 9th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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I'm not a smart man, and I never was, but I learned one thing along the way. Unspeakable suffering, loneliness, hopelessness and an indomitable will shape this story...
Angelina... I was enraptured by the young woman. Besides her beauty, she also radiated strength and authority to which most people would bow. She was by far the most unusual woman I had ever met.

____________________A text on old parchment: "Angelina, the white angel of Kryta, will endure all eternity. Hewn in flawless marble, the witch's soul was captured to preserve her power forever. Whoever has the courage may approach her and worship her, then she will be ready to expand her power. But whoever dares to challenge her powers will be destroyed and condemned to serve in darkness for all time".________________________

A tragic accident that changes everything... For centuries I have been regarded as dead, betrayed by the daughter of the prince and my own brothers, who have allied themselves with the arch-enemy and have joined the vampires. But I live - completely in secret - only for the purpose of destroying the Lady in White and her vampire army and freeing the soul from my Angelina.
But is she also able to follow common desires and recognize the healing power of love?

This is my Story (*inspired by the Lady in White, a ghost you may find at night, in the graveyard of the Village of Shaemoor. She can usually be found weeping in front of the grave of Violet Traipse (1281-1320 AE)).
I'm not a fan of wings, but with this I wanted to soften some metallic armor parts and created a black angel that fits my story. In order not to make it monotonous black, I added Shadow Violet to Shadow Abyss. Since it's a cosplay character, I used simple swords, which fit to the look and had straight in my account vault :) I can imagine that also Bloodstone weapons or Guild Weapons I could use, when you need weapons other than swords
I hope you like that outfit
Weapons: Weaver's Sword


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I don't think I have ever seen this mask use well. Gold for that alone :)
2019-04-11 8:45

Thanks a lot!
2019-04-11 11:23 in reply to jesandsteven