By ieva on April 6th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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With a jerk, the crack became a wide crevice. This crack went deeper and deeper into the rock and soon it was divided into two halves. We had no chance. The split rock halves jumped jerkily to both sides apart and my reflection and I fell screaming down into the depth. My breath faltered. I tried to hold on somewhere, but there was nothing. After a few moments it made a loud noise and the air stayed away. My back hurt. I sank deeper and deeper and didn't take long to realize that I was under water. I rowed my arms until my head broke through the surface of the water. My lungs screamed for oxygen...

After a dizzying moment in the void between the worlds I found myself on a cold stone floor and above everything hung the aura of black magic. I instinctively bit my teeth together because I hated nothing more than black magic. Apart from my companion maybe...

This is my Story (*inspired by Mesmer Clones that look exactly like their summoners)
Doing something crazy with illusions... I had the idea for a while, because Mesmer is my third most played character.
Armour style is intentionally quite simple (except shoulder) because the Mad Realm weapons have enough effects. Exactly the same as the colors from black - gray palette. I hope you like that
Weapons: Mad Realm Greatsword & Mad Realm Sword + Mad Realm Shield
Etherbound Glider


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great screens! rlly like it.
2019-04-06 19:26

Thank you!
2019-04-07 4:58 in reply to morv