Simple Mist Walker

By jab279 on April 5th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Orange
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Been practicing screenshots on my alts, figured I might as well make a post
Basic armors, basic dyes. Let me know what you think!
Sorry for low-quality screens, hopefully this equally potato couplet poem makes up for it:

"Mists of old, mists of new
Traveled through portals of hydrangean blue

I wandered for years among crumbing domains
Until I found embers of a dying camp flame

With nowhere to rest my leaden feet
I sat down and said, "Whom am I to greet?"

Strangers melted from the stars
Old and weathered, ancient scars

I spoke through the night with legends three
Scorchrazor, Stoneshaper, Demon of Greed

And though I left them far behind
Their spirits burn in the hearth of my mind"


I like the fire desert flower theme you have going. It's nice seeing players try different colors with Sylvari.

Just a few things stand out to me that might help you. Design wise, the hard edged metal gauntlets don't quite match the overall plant look. I recommend trying on different gloves.

Regarding the screenshots, you have some fun ones, but I feel like you are doing your look a disservice by having so many shots being of your mounts. I do like the dye customizing you did on them, but I'd rather see cool close ups, angles, and action shots that showcase your character design. Also, make sure the lighting and environment that you are taking the screenshots in help with clearly and effectively showing your look. Good luck and have fun!
2019-04-06 3:29

Fashion Guru
I agree with A_Little_Norn - many mounts and little of your character.
The colors are nice, but armor mix not optimal. I would change chest (or trouser part), the gloves are already mentioned. I also don't see any weapons here that fit 100% to the armor (instead of Ceremonial Sabre maybe you should try Primordus weapons)...
2019-04-06 6:07

I liked the griffin. I like this themes of color's.
2019-04-21 10:18

Looks like a magma tree, amazing!
2019-04-21 15:31