Kukkia with her new Bow ~ morv

By morv on April 3rd, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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13 5
3 0
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Hello Guys,
this is my Sylvarie Kukkia getting her first bow from the avatar of the tree.
Kukkia waited a long time for this day and was very excited. She woke up, as usual, early in the morning to pick up her bow.
Now she finally has her own bow. She ran home and began to practice and shot at dolls and trained her aim accuracy.
Afterwards she went on a little exploration tour. She showed off her bow and used it to fight worms and other forest creatures, thus protecting the peaceful inhabitants of the forest.
She is very happy with her new bow.

I hope you like my new Sylvarie


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