The FORGED Maverick

By ieva on March 31st, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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9 1
2 0
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Forged Scrap: This metal armor has been specially treated to withstand heat and fire. The surface is scratched and pockmarked, indicating it has seen battle... Whatever energy animated this metal remains in some small, malevolent form.
The smith seemed to be completely confused. I felt his heartbeat accelerating, his eyes darkening, his breath accelerating and the fire around us getting warmer and warmer. I looked at him and discomfort spread inside me. He was incredibly strong and I could not free myself from his grip. Just the way he looked at me scared me again. He seemed to be frozen and at some point he hurt me. I pulled my face and gritted my teeth. The smith was still not going to let me go and the fire was getting hotter and hotter. At some point it began to bubble. I felt the flames slowly burning through my clothes and attacking my skin. I tried to free myself from the smith's body, but he had me firmly in his grip.
I was once like you - full of noble intentions. But then Balthazar chose me as his instrument. The choice was made for me.(Those turned into Forged retain their memories and personalities, but lose their free will and are forced to revere Balthazar although they are able to voice their concerns. Those who attempt to resist the indoctrination are subjected to prolonged, agonizing pain which only becomes bearable if they surrender to the war god's will).

This is my Story (*inspired by Forged Weapons)
Making of Armor:
Weapons: Forged Greatsword & Forged Staff


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