The SAFARI Tour Guide

By ieva on March 27th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Go on your personal safari and experience wild adventures!
In the numerous spacious and passable landscape areas you can feel the coexistence of man and animal and consciously experience a piece of nature. On the kilometres long journey you will meet Sand Lions, Shadhavars, Hyenas, Sand Sharks, Vultures, Prairie Dogs, Sand Eels and Antelopes.

• • • Follow me in the footsteps of the great pioneers, crystal desert researchers and zoologists - you'll be amazed at what there is to tell! Do you think the great explorers of Elona and all the committed animal protectors were and are boring scientists? Far from it, these are crazy adventurers who take on everything for their cause, just like you!

• • • Your dream has always been to be close to wild animals? With me you experience a day as an animal keeper and get a look behind the scenes.

• • • Have you always wanted to watch Hyenas eating or Sand Sharks bathing? You like to take pictures and want to learn more about the possibilities of your system or camera in a professional workshop? Then go on a photo safari in the Desert Highlands! Only here is it possible to get so close to exotic animals and take photos.

Three complete days of adventure with me in the Desert Highlands packed with Vultures feeding, BBQ, campfire, eye to eye with the Shadhavars, archery and much more. Look forward to three unforgettable days.

Your Tour Guide
Unused screens:
Here I have applied whole styling to Sloth Backpack. Wide brimmed hat protects from sun and rain. Through vest with short pants their tattoos come to validity (I think a pity that many armours cover the tattoos). In addition, sturdy shoes for adventures on Desert Highlands. Pair of accents in orange, the rest I kept simple to create harmony with Backpack.
Hope you enjoy
Weapon: Daredevil's Staff
Sloth Backpack


I like to book a tour with you and I hope many others would also book a tour. Then we could all learn from you how to make screens so good again and again and combine it with an interesting story.
2019-03-28 4:19

Fashion Guru
What did you smoke and where can i get some xD
2019-03-28 7:57 in reply to grenobi

Fashion Guru
Lovely as always! :)
2019-03-28 14:10

Many thanks for nice comments!
2019-03-28 14:56

Love the screens! The idea is very original, good job!
2019-03-29 7:46

Thanks a lot!
2019-03-30 9:13 in reply to Kattri

Fashion Guru
Fabulous and funny. Arresting screenshots and some real moments, such as the leopard about to bite her hand! Gold of course!
2019-03-31 0:52

I prefer making screens with Ranger, it's always so easy :) And thanks for Gold
2019-03-31 17:17 in reply to shopaholic