Police Bechem "stop in the name of the law"

By Bechem on February 23rd, 2019


Just for fun. I wanted to try if i could create a police uniform. One with and without a yellow vest. bonus a nurse look. This will not be something you can vote for " that's why i put this as art " only made for fun ;)
If ppl like the look i may put up the armor.


Fashion Guru
... after your strange comments (to me), I ignored your presentations for a while. I can't see Police Bechem as art (rather cosplay character), but I like the idea very much!
2019-02-23 16:21

Fashion Collector
hahah ty
2019-02-23 16:39

Fashion Collector
"This will not be something you can vote for " that's why i put this as art "
2019-02-23 16:41

Fashion Guru
Poor shirtless guy x) great idea to use the apprentice shoulders as a police mark. On a side note.. Ieva, you're leaving pretty strange comments as well.
2019-02-23 17:35

awesome idea. I like the woman in white dress :D
2019-02-23 19:08

Fashion Guru
What a great idea! She really looks liek a policewoman :)
2019-02-24 6:00

Fashion Collector
ty all. im using the guild armor top. Kind of hard to try to find a mark that can work for a police. A gray star had to work.
2019-02-24 8:21

Fashion Collector
And of course its my main character Bechem again dressing up. hihi :D
2019-02-24 8:22

Fashion Collector
Uu, cool cosplays, you have cool ideas ^^
2019-03-01 12:54