By Krukul on February 12th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
3 1
1 0
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Hello Everyone,

this is Krukul a Dragonslayer.

By beating Zhaitan, Krukul noticed the enormous power of a dragon and how to use it as a mortal.
He absorbed so much Dragon energy as a mortal could tolerate.
But he realized late that the dragon energy slowly turned him into a dragon himself.

His destination is to restore the natural balance and take the place of the dragons to create its own balance.


Fashion Guru
I get so bored of seeing the dragon crown on characters but you've seriously changed my mind with this outfit! Really great armor combo and i like the dye choices and placements! Awesome!
2019-02-13 12:03

Very good set, the red color compliments the black.
The Story could be a bit less Fairy Tail, but its still a GOLD from me :D
2019-02-13 15:13

great look. red and black always work for evil :D muhahaha
2019-02-15 12:40