Perceval Blackfang

By Erreth marrlok on February 9th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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Perceval Blackfang was considered the best elementalist in all of Kryta, he was specially skilled with fire magic, as everyone could see in his armour decorated with fire he had casted himself.
One day, Lord Faren, a very close friend of Perceval, told him that Logan Thackeray requested his presence for a very important matter, a mission ordered by the queen, to honor the peace treaty with the Charr they sent Perceval to fight alongside them in the war against the Fire Legion.
Perceval traveled to the far regions of Ascalon, from the blazerige steppes, where the branded swarm the area, to fireheart rise, where Baelfire's army worship their fire gods.
He spent months with the Charr, but they couldn't apprehend Gaheron Baelfire, the leader of the Fire Legion. So Perceval returned home, his mission was over.
At the throne room, queen Jennah congratulated him and she awarded him with a beautiful staff, crafted by the best artisans in the kingdom.
After the meeting with the queen. Perceval returned home, where his wife was waiting for him, the hugged each other, after a long journey, he was finally home, but not for long, when he was leaving the throne room, he heard that Shaemoor was under Centaur attack and Logan Thackeray was leading the defense, Perceval left his home once more, to help the people in need.
His previous mission had finished, but his story had just begun.


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Great story! And pictures to match!
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