The DRUNKEN DREAMING on the way home

By ieva on February 7th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: White
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What did she just get herself into?
She was amazed at how quickly her throat ran down. As a child she had drunk some from time to time, back when she had had to work hard in the inn herself. If there was any left, everyone in the kitchen was allowed to make use of it - and like everyone drooled after it, it had to be good... She clasped the beer mug tightly, as if it were a saving branch in a ripping current. The alcohol in this cup was the swill of darkness...
The shadows wandered over the glittering blanket of snow and nothing else happened.
...She danced around, how could she move with these paws as if she were a leaf in the wind? The snowfall only got stronger the further up she went. She pointed to the left, into the impenetrable whirl of snow behind which the mountain country was. And only now did she notice the penetrating cold on her face, which slowly made its way into her clumsy head...

This is my Story
I wanted to start something with Corsair leggings. I didn't have any problems with heavy and light armour. Only the leather pants variant made me despair. I was about to bury the idea when I tried a combination with Mursaat Brogans. Finally these trousers worked! I took Nightmare Court Guise (which is mostly only loved by Sylvaris^^ even on GW2Style side I found only one norn with this chest part). So my norn almost looks like a bird with bigger feet :) My decision because of colors, I met after I found suitable weapons. The staff is similar to a feather and my Tempest bows are so fluttery and do not destroy the whole picture.
This is how a drunken petrel was born.
I hope you like that.
Weapons: Glittering Staff & Tempest Short Bow


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Very original!
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Thanks :)
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