The CURSE Catcher

By ieva on February 4th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
15 3
3 1
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Some describe her as a feminist who chose pirate life as a means of rebellion against a male-dominated world; others portray her as a wild trap that never grew up. Whatever her motives, she is in fact the most disreputable female pirate in history, a looter, cutthroat, ransom extortionist, robber, and thus the main threat to maritime trade in Tyria.
First officer taught the little girl everything she needed to know about seafaring. She inherited the ship from her father and became captain - After growing up on the ship, she generally has a rather disparaging opinion of men. Which sometimes leads to problems. Especially as it is hard to convince her that she doesn't always know everything better.
... When she ran aground on reefs, her ship was destroyed and she was forced to land on a remote island called Siren's Reef. In memory of the legends of Captain Arabella Crowe, who was supposedly buried with her prey on the island, she decided to set out to find both.

This is my Story (* inspired by Siren's Reef Fractal)
When I visited new Fraktal Siren's Reef, I spontaneously had an idea for a pirate outfit... And since there's no similar outfit here, I'll share that with you.
For a ghostly visual effect on the character (last screen) I consumed Omnomberry Ghost.
I hope you like her and wish you a lot of fun!
Equipment hero panel:


Fashion Guru
I haven't seen Karka Shell for ages and hardly ever with leather armour (mostly used by Necros). For a pirate it fits perfectly. As always nice screens. Gold without a doubt.
2019-02-04 12:03

Fashion Guru
This is sick and I love it! Such a good story and the look suits it very well. Gold fo sho!
2019-02-04 14:08

Yeah, the back item was unused for five years because it didn't match the look... Thank you for gold:)
2019-02-05 6:35 in reply to Frans

Thank you for a nice comment!
2019-02-05 6:36 in reply to TheKimmynator