With a BLACKENED Heart

By ieva on January 31st, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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2 1
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Her name is Zara and she is seventeen years old. Three weeks from her eighteenth birthday. For such a young girl she has already done an impressive job: Illegal gambling, assault, robbery... What she will be accused of within a few days is dangerous bodily harm to two civil servants and a state employee.
Against larger, heavier opponents, pure physical strength was not her best friend. Because her real potential lay in her speed, agility, flexibility - especially thanks to the numerous acrobatics courses. The Black Daredevil guild leader often sent her to people in his debt. Either to remind them of the money owed, or to punish them if the final warning had been ignored. It was ugly and dirty...
Now everything was different, it was weird. She must do community service at Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler in Ascalon City as a punishment for minor crimes. Their mission is to wipe out the spirits that haunt Ascalon City and help the Blood Legion reclaim the city for the Charr. The air crackles with a mixture of magic and tragedy. The residual energy of the Foefire and its ascalonian victims will never really be purified. After a few hours with Ascalonian ghosts, everything hurt her. Everything hammered and begged her to lie down...Will she master this task or will she end up in jail?...
This is my Story
As promised, today I present my thief with new armor and weapons. It's black look again. Beside elonic folkloric costume I used metallic Bladed armor parts for shoulder/gloves, combined Magitech pants with metal decorations to give some hardness.
I hope you like that unusual outfit.
Other colour: https://imgur.com/a/ZhmrRmo
Weapons: Plasma Dagger & Plasma Staff


Fashion Guru
Your outfit is very cool. She looks so rebellious and provocative.
2019-02-01 3:42

Fashion Collector
nice charakter, i like your head alot
2019-02-01 13:22

Thank you. That's exactly what I wanted to achieve
2019-02-01 13:28 in reply to Frans

With new armour she also got shaved skull :) Without hair also Magitech head part comes better to the effect
2019-02-01 13:44 in reply to otukando