In the Depths of the JUNGLE

By ieva on January 30th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
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3 0
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Dangerous climbing plants lurked everywhere, greedily stretching out their tentacles. The treetops of enormous jungle giants, river courses meandering through the dense jungles. And saurians... Huge Bristlebacks and Arrowheads, Rolling Devils, which caused damage with the spines on their backs, and especially Pocket Raptors, which seemed rather inconspicuous due to their size. They are very agile and always perform in groups. Escape from them is rather difficult due to their agility...
The jungle steamed. A polyphonic, sinister chorus of shrill voices filled the air. The high humidity combined with the unbearable heat made every thought a torture.
...It was late in the afternoon when the first ruins emerged from the jungle.
Massive gilded stone walls with partly weathered reliefs, on which glass paintings and secret messages of the forgettings had been immortalized.These details, the level of craftsmanship... just incredible.
This place is amazing! This is incredible - an entire city hidden in the depths of the jungle!
I unlocked some scientific weapons skins and some green colors. Since I posted some male characters lately, I thought it was time to take care of my Norn girls :)
My warrior has green tattoos, so I thought jungle theme would be perfect for her. I find the color Swampblack very interesting for metallic armor parts - at night (or in the shade) it's rather green, during the day you get a golden glimmer. Pair of armor pieces are a bit older, but since GW2 Style there's not even a look with identical breast/trouser parts, I thought I could present my new creation to you.
I hope you like my jungle explorer.

Weapons: Scientific Mace + Scientific Shield & Scientific Greatsword


Fashion Collector
I like the guns somehow not so much , But the rest of the stuff very good as always :D
2019-01-31 5:00

The weapons skins were free (by Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock), my warrior "wanted" new styling and I had to save Tarir 3 more times for title "Saving the City of Gold". So one came to the other :)
2019-01-31 5:42 in reply to otukando

Fashion Guru
Spectacular!!!! Love everything
2019-02-10 5:34

Thanks for compliment :)
2019-02-10 19:21 in reply to shopaholic