Hunter Druid

By LadyLou on January 19th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Purple
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4 1
3 0
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'Gillian Wolfheart's mission in life is to guard the mists.. using the spirit wolf as her guide. With life long friend and pet, Alpha, the alpine wolf she roams Tyria, aiding anyone needing her help.
She recently studied to become a druid so that she may aid her party and become an active member. Being a druid she is now the parties combat healer, providing spirits and celestial avatars to heal.
Using her trusty staff Dominator and spirits of nature she has blossomed into the best druid she can be.
She travels with her other companion, Omega, a baby griffon, attached to her back.'

This look is updated version of the Warbeast Druid. She now has a sleeker look while still looking norn like with the Houndskin mantle Dominator Staff


Dominator Staff has a futuristic/technical style and doesn't match your look at all (not even colour-wise - I find the colour scheme of the Dominataor weapons very difficult at all). Second weapon set is also a mistake - Wupwup skin (with some purple shimmer) would fit better, but there are better possibilities. Furthermore, your back item choice bothers me - it also seems somehow out of place in connection with shoulder fur and also in color.
2019-01-19 17:30

I'm sorry it offends you so xD not a single nice thing, all criticise.. okay then! I usually try to match weapons and armour and colour schemes but this time I actually for once, didn't want to! Hey the dominator staff was pretty expensive and I got it free in a black lion chest xD it suited this character more than my others so I decided to keep it, same with the backpack! but hey you can't please everyone! :P
2019-01-19 18:36 in reply to ieva

Fashion Guru
Sorry, I see it the same way - nothing adds up. You didn't even bother to adapt the armor colors to the weapon...
2019-01-21 7:25

Fashion Guru
Cool Ninja Vibes
2019-01-21 7:55