The Obsidian Sisters

By LadyLou on January 15th, 2019
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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The Obsidian sisters.. Onyxx and Sanguine are twin asuran sisters. Although they may look similar in appearance they differ greatly in personality. Sanguine is positive, tough, outgoing and personable. Onyxx is dark, brooding, mysterious and not too friendly.

Onyxx prefers to lurk in the shadows of Rata Sum or the Maguuma jungle, threatening anyone who tries to disturb her. Her only trusted friend (other than her twin) is her trusted pet spider named Venom. Causing havoc and mayhem are her favourite pastimes. Often thinking of herself as the villain Rata Sum didn't want or need... She is often in trouble with the Peacemakers.

The look is kinda of based on the whole super hero/villain look with masks and wings. It's a fun idea that I came upon since myself and partner decided we each wanted a new necromancer! Pictures mainly of my asura Onyxx but there are a few of the sisters, sorry the screens are a little dark. :)
Weapons are: Machined Staff
Plated Axe
Favour of the Colossus


Fashion Collector
I see you went to a lot of effort on those screens. :)
They could still be in a better graphic, then it works even better.
2019-01-16 18:48

Thanks, unfortunately some of the pics were taken on an old laptop so I wasn't able to up the graphics unfortunately and didn't get the chance to remake them yet! maybe I'll try to get some better screens soon!
2019-01-19 18:40 in reply to otukando

Fashion Guru
It's hard to tell your character. I think that has little to do with old laptop. Rather with too little zoom, wrong places and light conditions.
2019-01-25 10:55

yeah as i said old laptop, i will try to update the pictures soon..
2019-01-25 14:52 in reply to Frans