Newbie Budget Sylvari: Hunting Sprout

By Asphodem on January 12th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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A simple yet satisfying style I made for my first character.

I started playing two weeks ago, and must have spent at least 10 hours already drooling on outfits in the bank preview. It can be discouraging for newbies, thinking "my character will never look as good as those, or at least not before I die of old age"... fear not! This is the result I got for less than 3 pieces of gold!

I bought:
-the coat, for 2 pieces of gold
-the dyes, for something like 40 silver on the trader.

For the character itself: I got lucky and found a hairkit in a black lion chest! Complete your maps fellow newbies! There's a chance to get keys, and those chests may contain some sweet rewards!

I am wiling to take any advice the old willows and oaks of the game might have! :)

What I had in mind:

After playing around with different classes and races, I fell in love with the Sylvari and ranger. I was thinking about an autumnal character, and a guildie sent an image to me about the fall in Japan and the concept of Koyo (as seen in the last image). The colours were gorgeous and that's how the character was born.
I wanted to keep that natural look, and hide as few details as possible, to maximize the bioluminescence. That's the result.


Fashion Guru
Would be cool if you could add the image you talked about
2019-01-12 13:27

Fashion Guru
I know that after 10 days playing time, the design possibilities are quite limited... and keep me out of medal voting.
Your screens are good. Description also ok. Presentation title even made me smile. Your character is beautiful (only armor mix is the most boring thing there is in gw2 world...)
2019-01-12 13:59

Thank you for your comments and kind words!

@Nice: Updated the images. You can now see wht I was talking about.

@Ieva: Thank you for your kind words :) As for the armor combination... well indeed, it is a bit "cliché", but I have this limited choice at the moment, and, well, I previewed a lot, and have to say: there is that tendency to cover males under tons of -depending on the class- metal, leather or fabric, while the females run around in what's sometimes underwear x) The goal I tried to achieve is not to run around half naked, but to take advantage of the Sylvari body attributes on a male and remain in the "nature theme".
I would be willing to take some advice tho if you have any :)
2019-01-12 22:43

Fashion Guru
ty, beautiful
2019-01-13 8:53

Fashion Guru
ANet is determined to stick to trench coat policy for leather class. This is an extreme disadvantage compared to other armor parts/classes (no matter what you mix with it, a trench coat always remains a trench coat that covers everything). And I would say it's a challenge to dress leather class and create something that looks original and beautiful.
If you walk around ingame like that, it's okay. Here you are a stylist who creates outfits and GW2 page is your catwalk. First of all - you should use all armor parts (3 is definitely not enough) and maybe back item. This also includes suitable weapons. Next step - also Sylvaris don't necessarily have to wear leaves - there are armour with bone or stone structure, a bit more intense light etc. And metallic parts (correctly dosed and used in the right places) cause (often unexpectedly) this "wow" effect. That would be my tips (for your future as a stylist).
You can click on the armour box fields to see how many presentations with certain armour parts are already available. Or use the search function to get inspired or see if your outfit idea is already here (if so - you'll have to do better than the previous xD).
2019-01-13 14:25 in reply to Asphodem