In SEARCH of the White Stag...

By ieva on January 9th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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When she was told that a white stag was seen in Caledon Forest, she remembered the picture from Dream. She only knew that the animal was in danger and she wanted to save it... Since then she was on her way. In search of the legendary white stag...
When she took a break on one of the boulders on the edge of the field, she grumbled at the thick layer of clay under her shoes. Furthermore she had slipped to the side once because of the slippery sole and had torn a bean plant with her. While she had crouched in a nest of willow rods and bent tendrils, she had been close to an outburst of rage. This damn Nightmare Court... Only with difficulty could she resist the desire to randomly tear down everything around her.
...She blinked as the sun she dazzled . Nevertheless, she knew how to correctly assess the attack of her opponent. She took a step to the side so that Nightmare Courtier was torn forward by the momentum of her blow. Again she swung the sword at shoulder level and made a diagonal prank. Nightmare Courtier's weapon slipped out of hers hand and fell into the dust with a dull sound.
And then she saw a magnificent white deer standing in the woods. Finally over...
This is my Story
I unlocked the Hero's weapons (and several Mistforged Hero's weapons) a while ago. Somehow I never got to use them. Maybe it was because of these ornaments.
Recently I felt like giving my Sylvari a harder, more brutal look. Some kind of weedkiller :) I have tried Wearbeasts armor breast part. And then I suddenly saw these metallic ornaments on the hem, which fit to hero weapons...
My Sylvari has dark red skin and pink as luminous color. To underline that even more I took shoes and gloves with some light and pink color. Instead of pink, you can take white, which fits better to Mistforged Hero's weapons.
I hope you like them.


Fashion Collector
it's hard to find a suitable armor for these tree people.although i don't like the armor very much and also don't find it suitable, you still have a good armor mix and the pieces were rarely or not often used on gw2style. Description as always :D
2019-01-11 18:12

Thanks for your opinion. I'd say it's generally hard to dress leather class and create something that looks original. ANet is determined to stick to trench coat policy for leather class. This is an extreme disadvantage compared to other armor parts/classes (no matter what you mix with it, a trench coat always remains a trench coat that covers everything).
2019-01-12 5:07 in reply to otukando