Jolly winter

By Neithir on January 9th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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3 2
1 0
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For the Christmas event I prepared a practical red dress with patterns,
which look like a decorated gingerbread. Because it's cold is necessary to have a warm hat and comfortable shoes. When I built a snowman my hand were little frozen, but it will be good, at home with mullet wine.
Is beautiful to enjoy winter across the Tyria, everything is snowy and calm. And then just wait for the extraordinary night.


Fashion Guru
Hm, I like this guys version a bit better Human females have it hard c:
2019-01-09 9:59

Fashion Guru
Since i got a weird comment, i'll clarify that thats none of my characters, i'm that creepy choya behind it. Your char just reminded me of it
2019-01-09 15:49

Fashion Collector
solid look!
2019-01-11 18:09

remind me of red riding hood. cute look c:
2019-02-17 11:03

I like red with white colors themes.
2019-04-21 10:46