The Durmand Priory´s ARCHON ( a Woman for Dangerous Tasks)

By ieva on January 4th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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"Dear Brother,
Today in the early morning hours your sister marched as a magistra through the Crystal Desert, Domain of Vabbi to Jahai Bluffs. After the Battle of Kodash Bazaar, the older dragon Kralkatorrik flew over part of this land to spread the dragon fire and corrupt some inhabitants. Our expedition goal was a meeting with General Almorra Soulkeeper to discuss ways in which Durmand Priory and the Vigil are taking action against the the Death-Branded Shatterer.
... A smell of powder and fire pollutes our noses, takes our breath away. And now there is only the shock of the elements, a rolling, a spitting scream, a jerky bang, a rattling; a huge conflagration of fire, which is pervaded by lightning and thunder. The fuses and detonators burst on earth. They alternate in this hellish storm bell under the pale flame of the sun. A consolation, our pact people shoot back. - And how !
... Yesterday I did not come nevertheless any more to the writing. When I came from my placement service to Lornar's Pass, there was a message from Steward Gixx.
And now a surprise. The day is finally here that I have been looking forward to for so long... I was promoted to Archon. My heart just stopped beating - then it jumped. Research that delves into dangerous areas, and are thus forbidden by most Priory members, is handled by the archons. My greatest dream came true today! That feels so good!
Forgive my vanity. This promotion makes me so proud. I would love to celebrate with you, my beloved brother. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. It's still top secret, but next week I'm off to Thunderhead Peaks, a place long forgotten in the cold vicinity of the Shiverpeak Mountains and the Deldrimor Front, former home of the dwarves. As I enter the unknown territory, I should be aware that the dangers are likely to increase. It has been said that the most enduring legends are built on the foundations of danger. I still have so much to discuss with Ogden and read through some thick books from Priory Archives.
What can I tell you now, I don't know. So much extraordinary has happened in my life. It is 10 o'clock in the morning, part of the night it has snowed big flakes, in the morning also, but now it is not snowing so much anymore. I feel almost like in my home Hoelbrak. Too bad you're not here.I embrace you tightly.
I look forward to hearing from you soon...
Best wishes, your sister Oda Urd"
______________________This is my story.
As for my choice of armor/weapons, I wanted to create something extraordinary. For this outfit I wanted to create the effect of a Priory Order membership without actually using any of the Priory´s armor. I chose Priory's Historical weapons, because they are so rarely used. Just like Luminescent armor (or it's colored blue). I have tried to agree on all this and I like the result.
***On some screens the armor colors are still in the "test phase" where I have used something different green tone. And I admit - I was too lazy to take the whole series of pictures again^^ (because I think all that counts is the idea itself).
I hope you like my woman for dangerous tasks :)
Back Item : Scholar´s Pack


Fashion Guru
Chest and boots look a bit too bright. Maybe give them a bit brass, too
2019-01-04 3:51

These are Luminescent pieces (I've been working with them for a while, because I just like them because of "difficult" coloring !) and from brass are they gray-blue xD Apart from that, I've almost all colors unlocked (I'm missing only about 75 exclusive colors) and tried a lot. I wanted to adjust the colors as close as possible to the colors of back item and weapons. And color difference is noticeable when standing in the shade.
Thanks for remark^^
2019-01-04 4:21 in reply to Nice

Fashion Guru
Oh i didnt even notice it was them, sorry about that. The back item is what i really liked about this, since the brass connects it so well to the rest of the armor. I admire stuff like that, since i rarely use backpieces ^^
2019-01-04 6:14

Lovely mix.

BTW i think i actually like this more when the lighting reduces the impact of the gold parts. Like the screenshot you have walking in the Priory bridge.
2019-01-04 14:50

Thank you.
Without the back item, you could take some brighter gold. I also tried different gold tones. Brass is identical with back item edging.
2019-01-05 23:20 in reply to Turin231

Fashion Guru
This look is very cool. The lady seems almost transparent, like a ghost.
2019-01-06 4:06

Thanks for compliment!
2019-01-06 5:39 in reply to Iris

Fashion Guru
Really beautiful combination of color and armor & weapons
2019-02-10 6:04

Thank you! I love luminescent pieces and always try to do something with them...
2019-02-10 19:14 in reply to shopaholic

baba yaga
At Look Battles, your picture looked promising.
I like that! Super idea and good execution!
2019-02-20 2:12

I thank you for compliment !
2019-02-22 6:33 in reply to baba yaga