Drago Bonetalon

By Caleb_Aurion on January 2nd, 2019
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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1 2
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Born small, Drago had a difficult start in life and this was made no easier when his sire defected to the Flame Legion. Rather than hide from who he was and become a sub-par warrior Drago embraced the magic in his blood and learned Necromancy. An adept student of war Drago specialized in battlefield tactics, routinely commanding his warband alongside his undead minions. Now leader of Dragon’s Watch, Drago continues to command in battle leading campaigns against the rogue god Balthazar and the mad lich Pawala Joko.


Fashion Guru
nice fur
2019-01-02 15:43

I love the face+color combination!
2019-01-03 7:41

Fashion Guru
Nice one! Light cathegory is always a challenge for Charrs, but you've done well :) Original fur/face/hairstyle combo and unique set of armor :)
2019-01-03 12:34

it wasn't easy. I had to discard most shoulder pads since most looked massive, many levitate, and the dye channels tend to be a little wacky. The pants were tough too, the cultural ones were well off from the look I was trying to establish.
2019-01-03 19:16 in reply to Egon

Fashion Guru
But you did well and I apreciate it with Gold ;-) I also have necro (reaper) Charr, check him out on my profile. I know how hard it is :D
2019-01-04 16:49 in reply to Caleb_Aurion