Branded Nobleman ~ morv

By morv on December 31st, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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4 0
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Hello Guys,
today I present to you the branded nobleman.

He is a normal man and belongs to the upper class of Divinity's Reach. It was, for him, a day like any other. But that day two guards visited him. They told him that the queen was calling him and had a secret mission for him. The queen orders him to bring an important book to Ebonhawke. He must not use the portal that leads directly there. He has to walk the long way to avoid being robbed by the guards at the portals. The nobleman was not convinced and did not want to do it, but he fulfilled the wish of his queen. He walked the long way over Queensdale, Gendarran Field, where he got a scarf and a cap for the low temperatures, so that he doesn't have to freeze so much. He continued over the Snowden Drift, Wayfarers Foothills, Diessa Plateau, Plains of Ashford, Blaizeridge Steppes and Fields of Ruin to Ebonhawke. In Blaizeridge Steppes, he was attacked by branded creatures and branded himself. He couldn't believe it and was scared, scared and cried a lot. He still carried out his secret mission and ran on and gave the book to the Vanguard Captian. He didn't want to go back. The nobleman gave up his old life and started a new life in Ebonhawke.

i hope you like the story and the screens

best regards


what a fantastic idea. I really like the story and the look is terrific.
2018-12-31 18:32

Fashion Collector
The screenshots show the history of your character in a wonderful way. I have already seen some of your characters and I admire your creativity. Please keep up the good work and show me/us your characters.
2018-12-31 20:03

Fashion Collector
I love your stories and screens, it's like reading a fairy-tale book. But I'm angry I do not understand English very much. I should have been better at school.
2019-01-01 5:26

Fashion Guru
Thank you very much. Where are you from? ^-^
2019-01-01 8:22 in reply to Neithir

This is gold, thanks for your work.
2019-01-01 10:57

Wow, this is awesome. Good job. Gold.
2019-01-01 13:30

Fashion Collector
I am from Czech republic =)
2019-01-01 14:42 in reply to morv

Fashion Guru
Incredible idea, you really pulled it off! Gold from me!
2019-01-02 7:34

Fashion Guru
Me tooo! :D
2019-01-02 12:53 in reply to Neithir

Fashion Guru
Morv, this is another amazing idea. Lovely screens and story :-) Just one thing I can't agree - If he becomes branded, I guess he would not be able to finish his job from the queen. Branded lost their former personality, became beasts without mind, and their only desire is to serve to Kralkatorrik, the Elder dragon...
2019-01-02 12:57

Fashion Guru
yeah its true :D, thanks for your feedback ^-^
2019-01-02 13:34 in reply to Egon

This is awesome only thing I would recommend it the branded backpiece you can get from the Shatterer I believe would boost the branded idea??
2019-01-03 1:40

Fashion Guru
Thanks for your idea, I've been thinking about putting on the storm gloves. But no matter, screens are made and uploaded. That fits, thanks for your feedback.
2019-01-03 5:20 in reply to Sammyjoe

This is awesome ;)
2019-01-03 11:05

Looks realy nice
2019-01-07 10:39

Fashion Guru
I like how he gets a beer at the end.
2019-01-27 9:20

Love it!
2019-02-28 8:02

Fashion Guru
Full gold, I loved looking at this
2019-04-16 5:00