Crow witch

By Delirium Blossom on December 29th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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6 5
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This is another design, this time from my necromancer. This is one of my favorite and oldest characters. I have changed her look on many times but this is the one I liked the most.
I was inspired by the crows to make this design, all black with blue touches to match Nevermore. (Sorry for my English, it's not my language ;p)

"The spirit of the crow guides me wherever I go.
You will pay for what you did, there is no where you can hide. The eye of the crow always watches you.
You're just dust moved by the wind ..."


Fashion Guru
i like the outfit very much, reminds me a bit of a necro of me.
The screens could have been more witchy.
But good work!
2018-12-29 19:42

Fashion Collector
I like this feather combination black and blue with legendary staff. It looks simple, but the blue effects look magically.
2018-12-30 6:22

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