Auric Gadgeteer

By Dace on December 28th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Gold
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When most people see gold they see jewelry or wealth. When I see gold, I see the insides of a new gyro.

This one is an accident. I didn't really have any intent on making this design as I already had more than enough looks to post and here I am making more!! Originally I was going to have the Crimson Tech Hammer look be condi Scrapper attire. However, I finished making a full set of Ascended gear for pieces on another look (will post that soonish) and ended up deciding to keep the Crimson look as a power DPS Scrapper, making use of a different set of runes from my power Holosmith. So I found myself making a completely new and unique look with the condition armor I had. Thus I found myself with an entirely new appearance.

The Aetherblade jacket has been a favorite of mine. It was the first Gem Store armor set I've bought. I just find the gears to be extremely Engineer like. I never thought I'd make use of the Viper armor pieces. I originally got them mostly to have, just in case. Now I've finally put it to good use. The headpiece was a tough pick. I cycled through the Noble Mask, Magitech, Leather, Sneakthief, and Privateer. I returned to Privateer after I made my weapon skin selection but ultimately the Viper monocle won out. I think it gives the look this gadgeteer appearance as if he's getting data from his gyros through it. I tried the Aetherblade shoulder piece out for a bit but it never worked for me. I also had a bit of trouble with the gloves as I initially wanted to use the Aetherblade gloves too for the gears but it just never came together.

I used gold, in part, due to the fact that I finished getting all the gold and silver dyes this week. I was missing Gold Fusion, Gold Sheen, Vintage Silver, and Dry Silver. However, they were cheap on TP this week. Don't know why but I bought them while they were relatively cheap (comparative to how much they used to be as for some folks the current price isn't exactly cheap. But believe me, they got a drastic price drop as of late). The original idea to go with gold and silver was inspired by the Genesis hammer, with its gold and silver appearance. So the initial color scheme was derived from the hammer. I had also initially taken screens in the Auric Basin but its yellows were too bright for a mostly gold look. So I had to relocate and take new screens.

I really liked the Privateer weapons. I wasn't initially going to make use of the Privateer hammer since the look was inspired by the Genesis hammer but after some thought, I felt it would look best if I was using all Privateer weapons. They really do look good, I might add. I'm a big fan of the rifle as it works really well with how Engineer fires his rifle more like a shotgun. The shorter barrel on the rifle works extremely well in that regard. The pistols are also killer sweet. I had also considered using the Gold and Onyx Lion skins, in particular, the Onyx but the gold of the Privateer makes a better fit. The way the sun hits the Privateer weapons works really well with this armor color scheme.


Fashion Guru
You put in a lot of effort and made all those screens, but somehow i cant see your char very clearly on any of them c: maybe a char select screen or one in daylight without distracting background of similar color would help. Didnt vote in case thats just me and my eyes lul
2018-12-29 4:32

Fashion Guru
A little tip: You can adjust the camera position in your settings. Vertical and Horizontal, so you can try to get your character right on the picture.
well done :)
2018-12-29 19:44

Fashion Guru
I think it's the overall color. I had a worse problem when I did my initial set and whenever there is light, in general, the gold just kinda distracts. I've tried different times of day in different environments and it really doesn't change all that much.
2018-12-29 21:46 in reply to Nice

Fashion Guru
I love the face/hair combo! Armor looks nice too.

On the subject of lighting, I've experienced similar issues. I definitely think you need to play with the camera settings for optimal framing, but there are some maps with strangely harsh lighting that makes it difficult to get balanced screenshots.

If you check some of my more recent styles, you'll see I tend to look for areas with either a very hushed lighting scheme or that have lower-altitude light sources. Trying to use sunlight in GW2 can be frustrating.
2018-12-29 22:23 in reply to Dace

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Thanks!!!! I love the face and hair as well. This is my favorite toon so I give him a lot of love. He's also my first. I've been playing him for six years (off and on as school has distracted me from the game at various points). I have one more look for this one to post that I spent six months working on (had to craft Ascended pieces for skins and had to wait for some items to come back on sale in the Gem Store). I'll work on camera angles though.

The worst map for screens on this one was Auric Basin. I initially thought it would work out well, you know gold look basin ..... how could that not work? I got some really awesome poses out of that initial attempt and then I looked at them before posting and realized they just weren't going to work. I traveled the world looking for better but couldn't find it. So I eventually just settled for someplace that I thought looked interesting and ended up picking that location since I was there for story material.
2018-12-30 7:38 in reply to Chiorydax

I like the armor mix here. Bit of mix feelings on the dye choices though. I'm glad you went the road less traveled but the gold on the coat is a stark difference to the gold on the weapons. Personally I'd look for different weapons because the dyes in and of themselves work fine.
2018-12-30 16:08

Fashion Guru
I looked at several different weapons and overall I decided that the Privateer set was the best choice. At least for me. There aren't a lot of good weapons for gold, in my opinion. The Gold and Onyx Lion skins were a strong contender though.
2019-01-03 21:28 in reply to Caleb_Aurion