... new TATTOO for my NORN

By ieva on December 26th, 2018


I know that periodically, ANet adds new hair styles and colors, new faces, eye colors, and most recently, accessory colors. But where are extras for Norn? New tattoo designs and colors!
I would so love to stab a new tattoo for my norn...


Fashion Guru
Wow, very nicely worked. I rlly like your artworks and the last one with the wolf is awesome :)
2018-12-26 13:24

Fashion Guru
thanks for your compliment!
2018-12-26 23:49 in reply to morv

Fashion Guru
The only good one is the 2nd, the 1st and 3rd are alright i guess? And the last one is just random AF.
2018-12-27 4:21