Crimson Tech Hammer

By Dace on December 25th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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Cold weather testing is a necessary task if you want to make sure your gadgets work in all conceivable conditions and circumstances. Also, the Norn make an excellent market for expansion.

This look is an evolution from my Arcane Power Tech look. I wasn't as happy with that one as I initially thought. So I decided to tinker with it until I got something closer to likable. It started by changing some of the colors but eventually, I decided to change actual segments of the look. I knew I was going to keep the coat, as I love the coat, but everything else was changed. The pants were a random pick. I liked ribbon around the knee and thought it looked cool. I then decided I want new boots which lead me to something with a higher kneecap. They just looked right. I also liked the Lich gloves. They have a lot of character to them. The mask was a final choice and I went with that just because of how much I liked the way it constantly grinned. My favorite change was the Holosmith shoulder piece. I never thought I'd get to use them as they aren't a typical item I'd use. I feel the same way about the Scrapper mask, so maybe I'll get to work that in too. I made these changes back when I was redoing a lot of my looks and I was working really hard to get at least one Elite spec piece into at least one look for each toon I was working on. For a time I had attempted to work the Deadeye shoulder piece into the look. For an even briefer moment I ran with Scarlet Spaulders This look eventually became my Scrapper look. I had plans to make it my condi Scrapper look but I went with a different direction on that this week.

The colors were still hard. The jacket is difficult to work with. It makes everything look dark. I tried different colors though. There was a green and blue version to this but it never really came together for me. I did attempt to lighten everything else up though. Black was the exception. With black I decided to go really black and went with Shadow Abyss over the lighter shades of black. The general idea was to make everything rich. I wanted it all to pop and stand out, including the lights.

Overall, I am very pleased with the evolution of this look. I really do love the Magitech coat. It fits Engineer so well. I know the Adventurer professions have a lot of coats but few of them are as perfect for Engineer as this.


Fashion Guru
I'm not voting here because I don't have enough knowledge about male characters/armor. Concerning colours (I often have problems too), I can recommend Kulinda's GW2 Dye Browser to you (
2018-12-25 8:51

its a solid look, you did a good job
2018-12-25 15:34