Emerald Knight

By Dace on December 11th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
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The human city of Divinity's Reach is a sight to behold. The people. The sights. The sounds. The smells. All of it is just amazing. Being invited to see the leader of the humans was overwhelming in its own way but the city itself was too much to behold. Good thing there was time for a nap!

I actually have a lot of new looks. Back in October, I created a new slate of armors for most of my toons. Each one got two, condi build and power build. This is my power Herald build. I continued in my quest to make use of the specialization armor pieces and felt pretty good that I got to use the Spellbreakers Redoubt. I've always loved that one. Just the detail work on it makes it look so fun to work with.

From there I knew I wanted to use the Primeval Warplate. I love the level of detail on the chest piece and so I wanted to work it into something. The rest pretty much came together via trial and error as I was having trouble finding pieces I liked. The Vigil leg piece had been something I had always wanted to use though. I like it on female characters but not male so I knew I needed to use it at some point. The gloves are a happy accident. I was originally going with the Pit Fighter Wristguards. I liked the spikes and I was really wanting to use something that showed off her fingers for some bizarre reason. However, I decided to click through the various wrist pieces to see if any of them stood out once I developed the color scheme. I think the Warden Gloves look really lovely for this. I think the way the sprigs on the gloves kinda wind together with a mixture of the three colors works really well. I also like the helmet and how it kinda looks like plated hair. I also love love the boots went with and the fact that they look like they are inlaid with gold!!!

I kinda sorta knew from the start I was going to go with something green. I originally had it be green and black with the green being where the gold currently is. But I felt that was too dark and so I decided to lighten the appearance. Since I was using a gemstone color I thought I might try a metal color to go with it. Initially tried silver but didn't like it and then tried gold and found that stood out really well. I still used silver in other parts though.

Since I was going with an Emerald look I thought the Jade staff from the Priory would fit. Wish Herald shield was worth a damn as I would have loved to have worked that in too. I initially went with the whip chain swords because of how they flexed green and the way they look pretty cool with the Revenant sword moves. On a whim, I tried the rapiers and that just worked soooooooo much better for the look. I was reluctant to use them at first though. I am making a Three Musketeer look for my Holosmith and I was going to use the rapier on that build. However, I decided to go with it anyway and eventually got Lord Faren's Rapier for the Holosmith build.

I took the pictures as if she were visiting Divinity's Reach for the first time. So I tried to fit in some tourist like shots. For that reason, I incorporated a lot more over the shoulder shots than I might otherwise have done. I also wanted to show off my beetle mount skin and the new shifting sands jackal skin. That new jackal skin is a thing of beauty.

I'll have many more coming out over the next few days as my term wraps up and I get to go on winter break!! :D


Fashion Guru
I like your screens and the accompanying story very much. I am looking forward to more characters
2018-12-13 7:53

Fashion Guru
i like your doggo
2018-12-14 12:31

Fashion Guru
Thanks. I'm shorting through my Deadeye's current look before I change it. Wanting a new look has pushed me to finally get those pictures done (the last in my cowboy looks. I'm Texan ....). Some of them are just long overdo as I've gotten the final few pieces (though I am still waiting for the Phoneix Quiver back piece!!!!!).
2018-12-17 8:39 in reply to morv

Fashion Guru
Thanks, it's the new shifting sands jackal skin that came out with the new license they released a few weeks ago. There is also a griffion version too but I've been too lazy to get the griffon mount.
2018-12-17 8:40 in reply to Nice

Really good screens on this one. I like the armor mix too, but the dyes on the helm look a bit out of place. I'd bring the emerald up through the helm or forego the helm altogether.
2018-12-30 16:20

Fashion Guru
Hmmm, I'll give it a try and see if green on the helmet works. I'm not sure I'd use Emerald but maybe a darker green at the top? Perhaps ... I'll look it over next time I'm playing her.
2019-01-03 21:32 in reply to Caleb_Aurion

Fashion Guru
I changed the Mint Frost part of the helm, leaving the two golds, and made it the same color as the boots (Spearmint). It does look better. Thanks.
2019-01-04 16:51 in reply to Caleb_Aurion