By Nice on December 10th, 2018


"Fire to vent,
Water to bend,
Earth to rest,
Fresh Air's the best"

- A salty weaver main (nice)

A conservative, reclusive Sylvari firstborn, know for heavy mood swings and unparalled weaving of the elements.
Sometimes she's like fire, and cities will be consumed by the flames of her rage.
Sometimes she's like water, calm but deep and even the slightest ripple could be the herald of a big wave.
Then again sometimes she's like air, a lightning bold that strikes from the highest heavens, a stormy wind that uproots trees and a gentle breeze that caresses your face.
But when you visit her in her little hut in the marshes, she's like the earth, steadfast, headstrong, home.


Why cant give medal
2018-12-10 4:33

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