By Nice on December 10th, 2018


A song awakens sightless eye
That gaze into a lightless sky
The break of day and set of dawn
but memories of an age now gone
An epoch sits stalwart between
What they once saw and will never see

From Yaser, "Chant of the Blind Arcane"


Fashion Guru
2018-12-26 9:13

Fashion Collector
I have not found a way to use red celestial infusion but i love The way you use it. Its sparcly but not a common look. I like it. I mostly see legendary armor with backpack, Nice to see a difrent sparcly mesmer., :D
2019-01-07 7:55

Fashion Collector
OH and have to say The night castle in sky is awsome,!
2019-01-07 7:56

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