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By QOdine on December 5th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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This look could do well with either with or without the wings.Would look kinda sick as well with Branded Wings.

I'll get into a bit more details for each piece below:

Headgear - You may notice right off no dye is the same in the 4 slots. Many gears in GW2 the dye pattern on the gears aren't carefully designed, leaving many gears with questionable dye pattern that is a waste. This horn is an exception. The horns itself can be mixed with 2 colors. I avoid using Shadow Abyss here and coupled it with different color, always remember about gear accent.

Shoulder - This shoulder fits especially well with this look. Nothing to note much except I add Tungsten in the last dye slot to make it less boring, highlighting certain parts and the thorns.

Chest - Pretty standard as well, like the shoulder. Abyss dye with Tungsten to highlight the chains. Don't use Shadow Abyss, too dark.

Leg - The tassets is awesome with this look. I almost miss it, not knowing about the light effect it has that could go well with this overall look.Cutting the metal and clothes apart with different dye here. Always take notice of these things. Don't just use same colors.

Hand/Foot - The highlights of this set, coupling the light effect of Head/Hand/Foot/Legs together brings this set to another level. Careful here with the reddish dye. Foefire and the Tassets will give out different brightness, I used different red dyes to make them fit well together.

Greatsword: you could see both Belinda and Twilight in the images. Twilight color theme and effects will fit well here with the look, however the trade off is that it hides our sexy back, which is where Belinda comes in.

Scepter: Shadow Scepter
Focus: Merciless Focus

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Fashion Guru
I can see that you put in the effort :) Colors are nothing special, but work well.
Critique: Chest and pants dont match well. All in all you did a decent post and a decent job with the char.
2018-12-08 10:33