QO's warrior - Dark/Dragon Knight Theme

By QOdine on December 4th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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Made this from scratch. At first it fits more into Dark Knight theme, which I didn't intend to specifically. My friend noted it to me. She doesn't have wings at first.

When I tried putting the wings on, I could see that it fits the dragon knight theme as well, a nice plus.

I fell in love with the helm right away when I first saw it. Turns out the helm is quite popular among the fashion players, understandably so.

The dye is very important in this game. You are dead wrong if you think you can just use expensive dye all over. The accent on the armor are beautifully highlighted, and fits the theme, by the right use of dye color. In here, you could see I use Tungsten and Permafrost to highlight the armor. This little details together could provide a better look overall.

Other weapons:
Mace: Mad Realm Mace
Axe: Randa's Eviscerator

Wings: (Since I can't find it in the list)
Scaled Dragon Wings

Discuss this look on Reddit at GuildWarsDyeJob!


Fashion Collector
One advice : you should crop/enlarge the images or reposition your character (under options camera settings). Now we only see a tiny little figure on a huge screen, where nothing exciting happens...
2018-12-05 5:29

Fashion Guru
first char i see that looks cool with the mad realm greatsword :) thumbs up
2018-12-05 7:49

Ty for your advice

Where you see nothing, I have always thought the background in this game is always a nice addition to the screenshots.

I have also adjusted the camera settings a bit already. This isn't the default.

Screenshots like this give out a better visual overall as well as giving out a more realistic view of the character. Since you don't really zoom into someone all the time.

Regardless, you are right. This is a fashion showcase as well. And I will add a better focus images on my future idea here.

Thank you kindly.
2018-12-05 19:31 in reply to ieva

Fashion Collector
Background plays a role (day, night, winter forest, flower meadow or city makes a difference). Only this should not suppress your character, but put it in a better light. Just shoot screens whenever you've got time and fun to do it (a presentation is seldom good if it is created in 5 minutes).
I often used option About Face (turn your character 180 degrees). And I've shoot 100 - 250 screnns at different locations, until I'm satisfied XD
2018-12-07 7:40

I understand the part about choosing from multiple shots to get the perfect one. Though I don't think I reach your level of dedication definitely, haha.

As for the background, of course it helps to the theme. You also mention about lighting and effect the background gives. I do a quick re-check, my SS actually are sufficient. You may mistake the darkness of the space, maybe? The lighting is certainly enough, and you could see the accent clearly. I would avoid forest and meadow where it could affect the showcase of your glamour too much like you mention. However a mix in to the SS you post to let others appreciate the beauty is always nice.

The presentation is fine. It actually has good lighting somewhat in Mistlock. To contrast the difference you could also see my SS in the snow. The sunny day daylight I don't have among the SS just because the metallic feel in this game is quite lacking so I didn't think to include.

Thanks for the feed back. I hope you are having a nice day.
2018-12-10 19:32 in reply to ieva