In name of the PHOENIX

By ieva on December 4th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
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I had experienced moments of loneliness. Moments when I had had the feeling that there was no one who shared my views and really understood me. But never before in my life had I felt so abandoned as I do now - and never felt I deserved it so much...
My sister died, there was no doubt about that. The fire took her, and I am to blame for it.
Me and nobody else...
With my eyes blurred with tears I stared at the small object, that I had salvaged from ashes: it was the small figure that my sister had carved with clumsy hands - the phoenix.
The wings were hardly visible, and everything else took a lot of imagination, to introduce himself, that this piece of wood should represent the mighty being, which the world once had saved from destruction. Crouching in my camp, I closed my hands around the figure and prayed while tears ran hot down my cheeks.
Mighty Phoenix, you have recreated humankind out of fire and saved it from destruction...please save my little sister, which I myself could not help ...

* At that time my brother threw himself into flames to save me... I'm "the little sister." I am reborn like a phoenix from ashes... And I act in the name of the Phoenix.
This is my story
I wanted to use Requiem armor pieces. While trying out which parts I was using, I remembered that I still have some unused Phoenix Wafen skins. As topic Phoenix was certain, I added raven head part... Armor colors are matched to phoenix weapons.
I hope you like my Phoenix Guardian.


love it
2018-12-04 6:51

Fashion Collector
thanks a lot!
2018-12-04 7:42

Fashion Guru
one of the first time i see a nice use of requiem pieces! is really beautiful! great job! gold!
2018-12-04 18:44

Fashion Collector
thanks for the compliment!
2018-12-05 4:35 in reply to Bremy

very nice charakter, i love the screens.
2018-12-08 8:14

Fashion Collector
thank you for praise xD
2018-12-08 16:14 in reply to emrys

2018-12-08 18:19

Fashion Collector
Thank you so much!
2018-12-08 18:28 in reply to grenobi

Fashion Guru
Just woah. What a great armor combo. Red/grey (black) is always cool demonic combo. Amazing job on screens too!
2018-12-10 8:27

Fashion Collector
Thanks much!
2018-12-10 17:32 in reply to Egon

Wow! Another really great look! GOLD!
2018-12-11 0:35

Fashion Collector
Thank you so much!
2018-12-11 3:44 in reply to zakmandoo

This looks SO good! Amazing job!
2018-12-15 7:36

Fashion Collector
Thank you!
2018-12-15 14:43 in reply to Thavie