The CURANDERA (The Hoodwitch)

By ieva on November 23rd, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Orange
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*A curandero (Spanish: [kuranĀ“dero], healer; f. curandera) is a traditional native healer, shaman or witch doctor
The Olmakhan and other inhabitants of Sandswept Isles called me the Curandera. My Life, as a curandera is dedicated to the administration of remedies for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual illnesses. I make use also of simple herbs, waters, and even mud to effect cures.

I was a carefree sylvari girl who liked to dance and laugh ... I collected Tiare flowers (rare plants that have become endangered by the Inquest's expansion into the Sandswept Isles) and herbs, Volatile Magic, Difluorite Crystals and mixed different potions... and learned to be a healer.

One day, when I was on my way to the Efi (it might comfort Efi to sing the old songs with me again), a veteran Scaled Drake blocked my way. When I tried to dodge it, I shaken out my herbes mixture and Volatile magic. The veteran Scaled Drake turned green... and then I was bitten by him. I fell into a strange dream. I dreamed of purple crystals, of dragons or demons and green light emitted by magical sceptres... When I awoke from dream, I lay in a cave and a sceptre from my dream lay beside me...

Since then Xiuquatl has accompanied me, permeated by the spirit of a serpent deity. After pulling the weapon, the snake materializes next to me and follows me. I enjoy the company of a winged snake, but I don't laugh so often anymore - every night my ( bad ) dream takes me back to Sharkmaw Caverns. Filled with water that falls from the ceiling, with several stalagmites and stalactites and darkness... And sneering voice of captain: "Oh, yer still with me, eh? Not bad, buttercup. Perhaps ye are worthy o' sharing in me spoils! But not me rum! Yer survival is subject to me whim!"

Sometimes I'm scared, sometimes it's as being like an itching feeling at the back of the neck.
Is that my Wyld Hunt? I don't know...

This is my Story (* inspired by Xiuquatl)
Weapons: Xiuquatl + Touch of Madness & Yggdrasil
Since Xiuquatl is very dominat (almost as big as a staff) I wanted to have something discreet in my off hand. I chose Touch of Madness, which you only see in fight. And both are connected by orange color.
Nightmare Court Sarong is more oldtimer :) Only Sylvari doesn't have so much choice of plant armor... The orange feather to sceptre, glow of the torch and green mist covers of the scepter was also responsible for armor coloring.
I hope you like that.


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