Of The Dreams

By WinterSolstice8 on November 21st, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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Reality is what you make of it. The deepest interpretations of the mind, expressed on a wavelength. Compact into a dimension of place and happening. Meanings taken, developed, or lost as more is beheld. What draws the lines of reality and what may be perhaps fictional? Is it all actually real when paid more mind to it? Is it a dream only if it's less tangible? Perhaps the dream is more reflective of the reality beyond our first sight, or upon the other obstacles in plain sight. Would that make it honesty of reality for what it is despite it being merely what you've observed within your mind? Should it escape the vault of the skull and make use of the surrounding world. Should it claim its answer. One can promise it would seek to become and prove its presence and will of what it believes is more real.

I personally associate the color purple to dreams, so that played some role into the design. I opted myself to use the Mursaat Wings Backpack as a bit of a distortion look. I'm using the purple Polysaturating Reverberating Infusion as a subtle effect with my color scheme. I decided the more body wrapped style as a sort of "fabrics of reality" sort of idea.


Fashion Guru
"Polysaturating Reverberating Infusion" and "subtle" in the same sentence is quite bold lol
2018-12-08 10:55

Fashion Collector
Exaggeratedly simple.
2018-12-08 15:42

It makes more sense as to how I called it "subtle" if you seen the before and after. It basically made it more vivid of a color effect visually, but at first glance could be overlooked because of the color scheme even in regular locations.
2019-01-04 15:25 in reply to Nice

Fashion Guru
Oh, i think I see what you mean ^^ But my comment was meant as a half-serious general joke anyways. Hope you didnt misunderstand.
2019-01-05 3:58 in reply to WinterSolstice8