He's on the way to take revenge!

By Mairon on November 16th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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Jasper was never a person who wanted to fight. He was happy with everything he had, he never tried to be the best. Also, he never learned how to use a weapon until a cruel incident happend...
Jasper had a girlfriend. She was a human and everyone loved her, she was like a sunshine and the happiest girl he've ever met. He loved her so much, she was everything for him.
But then she got killed.
A servant of Joko killed her and all Jasper could do was watching. Watching and crying. He was helpless and he run away, so that he can survive but now he hates himself because did this. He was such a coward! He let his girlfriend die, but the truth is that he really wasn't able to do something against it.
But after this he learned how to use weapons. He teached himself how to oneshot a freaking servant of this crazy king and he is now the best sniper in the desert. He's full of hate and the only thing he wanna do is killing this fcking king and all his servants because he killed the love of his life!


Its the first time i tried to write a story. My english isnt very good, so i'm sorry if i made some mistakes....


Fashion Guru
I really like the silhouette on this guy, along with the subtle base colors contrasted by the much lighter houndskin mantle. He looks intimidating and well designed.

You have some really good screenshots here, especially those in the Heart of Maguuma.

The story isn't particularly compelling and doesn't feel like it has much to do with the outfit, but that's a minor gripe on my part. It doesn't detract from the quality of the outfit.

Overall, I really like it!
2018-11-18 21:03