The Little Matchstick

By hellsqueen on November 7th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Orange
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I never forget the days I was being summoned to this world by the Pale Tree, hearing her share the wisdom of Ventari and hearing the chanting of all my fellow Sylvari within her.
"Act with wisdom, but act."
"All things have a right to grow."
"Where life goes, so too should you."

Even with all the support, I could not follow their words the right way.
They were all soft and kind. I was fueled by some sort of rage
I felt the pain that lived in all of my family and the pain that lived in all of Tyria.

Rage engulfed me, passion to save the world bubbled inside me.
The screams of the Pale Mother will never leave my heart as my seed pod filled with flames until I burned my way out.

I was sorry for the pain I caused her that day, but she has still put her heart into helping me achieve my goals. She has worked very hard to teach me patience, for my temper often sabotages me.

My burning passion is dangerous and it will bring the dangers of Tyria to it's knees. I am like a matchstick. My flames ignite a greater fire that could tear the world apart and bring it to it's knees, but can be controlled.

I have been holding off making this one and posting for a while, but this was one of my favourite projects to create. More so in the outfit department, but the screens were fun to do, albeit there are not as many as I have become used to doing in the past but there were limited abilities that exposed and expressed what I wanted to show without it getting to repetitive, etc.. My goal was to create a condi based Warrior/Beserker. After experimenting with outfits and colours in the preview menus of all the races, I ended up deciding on a Sylvari and I really wanted to do her justice. Story is a bit shorter than usual, but I feel like it didn't need to be more than that.


Fabulous as always Queen!
I love the way she looks like a burning flame and the ash all at once.
The screens with the explosions of smokey fire around her are fabulous.
The hair is also a wonderful choice, it really does make her look like matchstick. Very nice.
2018-11-12 22:30

Aww thanks
2018-11-12 22:53