By ieva on November 7th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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10 3
2 0
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Shhh! What are you doing? Keep your voice down! There are Awakened all around us.I keeping an eye on the Forged and Awakened. Specifically, i documenting where they go, and in what numbers. The conflict could shift at any moment, and i won't be caught unprepared. I´m the Bounty Huntress and I want take down a legendary bounty.
Why I became a bounty huntress?
...After I doing my job as a bodyguard for Zalambur (Story Part 2 : BODYGUARD of Zalambur: and looking for new reward and fame, he told me about Mini Awakened Abomination and his owner Legendary Awakened Hoarder. He said I should take a look at bounty contracts! A new bounty has been posted! Go look at the bounty boards. I am here and now I probably need to focus, then.
I hope you have no other question... time is gold! Good-bye.

This is my Story (*inspired by Mini Awakened Abomination)
Album :
Medium armor... Is basically a bunch of leather trench coats. Though the trenchcoats are very well done they offer very little diffrence when it comes to the silluette and rear details.Trench Coats are not my favorites...
It's been a while since I wanted to make a leather look that doesn't look like leather armor. And with the realease of Requiem Armor hat I decided to do so!
The Requiem chest/ Norn Lupine legs combo was perfect to achieve my idea and give a savage and heavy look to the armor. I have used Force of Koda before due to metallic surface. And I promptly fell in love with the Funerary Mask.The Accursed Treads seemed quite fitting to the idea too.
The dye uptake on the armors differs, so I tried to make the black/ gold colorations flow as well as possible.
Weapons: Darkspeer (Staff)* Mordant Sickle & Touch of Fog
Back Item: Relic of Grenth


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Very original and cool vibe!
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