The CELESTIAL Whisperer

By ieva on October 30th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Got it.
In the skies above, you see the star named Desolation in the Staff of Joko constellation located at roughly 10h +11°.
As these calculations indicate, depending on how the light collectors are calibrated, the energy in the resulting light beam may be sufficient for our purposes.
It's all Greek to you?
Oh, you are not a scholar...Why am I talking to you?
I'm just kidding.
I am Celestial Avatar.I am the construct created by stellar bodies in order to travel, communicate, change and manipulate important events in history. Avatars also have the ability to fold space and transport themselves and others to other locations just by simply focusing on the location they wish to go.
I had usually assume a humanoid form and are themed by what celestial body the represent. The humanoid appearance is most often merely a collection of humanoid features gathered most probably by viewing other species of the galaxy. It provides a better mode of communication by making the avatar relatable or approachable. There is normally a coloring of the construct body which hints at the original being it represents. colors of silver and blue variations are a representation of my moon.
The history of Tyria is written in the stars, and indeed, the tales of the past and hints of the future are inscribed in the heavens. At the moment, the mirrors are adjustet and then I'm carving observed the star patterns in stone obelisks around the Astralarium grounds.
Even a small light dispels the darkness.
This is my story (*inspired by Astralaria and the Astralarium)
Album :
Zodiac armor is notoriously difficult to work with other skins. I tried to mix Zodiac armor with Spearmarshal's Pants,because the Astralarium is a home to many astronomers and scholars, with a hidden Sunspear base found under The Astralarium. I use Aurora (while equipped, an ethereal purple aura will appear, with weapons drawn, four celestial orbs will orbit the head)...Astralaria was my inspiration. But many effects kept me from choosing Astralaria Axe for screens. In keeping with that. I chose zodiac weapons for that.Hope you enjoy


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