The GRIFFON Breeder

By ieva on October 22nd, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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3 0
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Zalambur, the proprietor of Grand Sahil Casino in Amnoon Free City, told me about glorious and noble beasts, the art of taming griffons for the flight, has only been recently recovered.
I was excited.
After 3 bottles of Elonian wine, I bet with Zalambur that I can tame birds like that.
I accept this challenge. I relish it. Come, danger. Come, adventure!
I was successful. My beast got name Victor and I returned to Hoelbrak.

A few months later...
Victor has laid and broods an egg in the nest.
/surprised /kneel /ponder /laugh
Victor is a female? Victoria? Sure, of course. We got a Griffon Hatchling. From now on it's called Victoria.. And I am a griffon breeder.
This hatchling will only be one of hundreds of its kind that have been incubated and raised for captive use. Soon every norn in Hoelbrak will be talking about me!

More Screens
Now we cross Elona and observe birds of prey and griffon in natural environment. I still have much to learn :)
This is my story (inspired by Griffon Hatchling Backpiece)

Weapons : Eir's Legacy Longbow + Staff of the Lost of Severance


The Daydreamer
To be honest, I never liked those sorts of looks, but you did it so well, that I need to comment on that.
Colorchoise is perfect, armor mix too. Most of your screenshots are really good to give that look a fitting background.
Very good work, keep it up! =)
2018-10-23 17:34

thanks for the compliment :)
2018-10-23 19:59 in reply to The Daydreamer