Snake Queen of Crystal Oasis

By LadyLou on September 21st, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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2 0
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Siluria Night, Necromacer and serpent enthusiast. Having visioned a serpent like creature during her dream, she set out to discover everything she could about these strange, no legged creatures. She is fascinated by anything serpent related and did not waste time settling out on a long quest to adorn herself in new weapons crafted in the shape of the desert cobra, she longed to have the funerary weapons. Finally, after long hours slaying many of the legendary bounties scattered in the crystal desert, she was deemed worthy enough to adorn the precious weapons...


Fashion Guru
Very lovely look. I like Necromancer looks that aren't the normal doom and gloom.
2018-09-22 6:22

Thanks :D that's what I was going for, she had a doom and gloom look, then I found those weapons!
2018-09-22 14:29 in reply to Dace

Fashion Collector
I really like it! I though about a snake - inspired look for a long time, but I never thought it could look that good :o
Actually, this hair reminds me a lot of Medusa ^^
2018-09-23 17:57