The Searching Firebrand

By Darky on September 12th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Purple
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1 3
4 0
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I never got over losing my beloved sister.
Nobody knows what happened to her or if she is still alive.
This uncertainty distorts me, as I can only guess what might have happened to her.
I will never give up the search for her and let those responsible pay for what they did to her!
~ Naema (Darky)


Fashion Guru
The colors aren't quite right. It's fine to mix blues and purples but the shades don't quite work together. The accents on the boots for example could use a touch darker
2018-09-13 10:17

Okay, I really like what you tried to do! The combination of skins is unique, and I like them all put together - they create a amazing look!
However, your dyes' scheme - for me - is not working. The Cobolt dye is drawing the attention from the zodiac blue and it's a very electric color. If you may, I'd make the suggestion of substituting the Cobolt for a more 'low profile' kind of purple. One that has blue tones, so it can go well with the zodiac blue, which should be the main focus of your look.
The screenshots are amazing. Well done!
Overall I loved the skins and the screenshots, not much the dyes. GOLD!
2018-09-14 9:44

Heya! ^_^
Thanks a lot for your feedback! :)

You're right, the Cobolt dye seems to be a lil' bit too gaudy. ^^
I looked around a bit, but found nothing suitable. So I chose a darker blue called "Resolution" (image:

I think "Enameled Solitude" would fit well, too.
2018-09-14 16:04

I like the colors you chose :) One thing I do not like is a mantle, in my opinion there is too much going on upper body mantle, horns, backpack. I'm agree that screenshots are amazing.
2018-09-17 3:14

YES! That's very good! You should upload the new version ;D
She looks amazing! My Firebrand Norn is jealous. She slays! Awesome job finding the new colors, I think they fit great!
2018-10-26 8:56 in reply to Darky