Between Two Worlds

By Dace on September 8th, 2018
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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There are some places in Tyria where light and dark exist at the same time. Where the border between dusk and dawn blurs. Those places bear the largest scares across all the land. It is those places where Tyria needs the most healing as it is in those places where dragons still lurk.

I think I might be submitting the first male to bear the equinox look. What can I say, it's a really awesome set of skins. Actually, I want to do a look themed around the black and gold onyx weapons. But you only get one and I have yet to pick the one I get. I think I am still holding onto the hope that they release another set that has it. If not it would then have to be based around dual wielding the same weapon. But I am unclear which toon that would be ...... Also, I really wanted to show off the broken stained class glider skin. I just think it is completely awesome, but I'm into stained glasses and gothic churches.

I'm digressing. I've been trying to figure out which toon I would attempt the Equinox look with. My Engineer and Elementalist bear the closest resemblance to the look with my Engineer having black skill with a white glow and my Elementalist having white skin with black markings. But I really couldn't find a new look for them that I wanted to do. But my Mesmer did need a set of condi armor for when I played him as a Mirage.

From the start, I knew I wanted to use the Carapace Vestments and Warbeast Cowl. I liked the way I would be able to inlay a color. Plus, the little metal clasp for the scarf. I also just love the Warbeast Cowl and its anime look. Like every time I look at it I keep thinking there was an anime from the 80's that had a similar helmet. I think it had birds. Winged Gloves were chosen due to how the colors lay against one another plus you have the white jewels. I went with the Way of Koda pants after a debate between them and the feathered ones. But I think the feathered ones would be too busy for the look and I wanted to keep it slim with most of the focus on the top. But the Koda pants do look awesome. I chose the Phoenix boots because they just look awesome.

Color-wise, I decided to depart from black as the main color. Another user pointed out that there is blue in the metal. I don't think it's a case that there is blue in the metal. I think it's a blue metal and there actually isn't any black in it at all. Near as I can tell, I think it's either Midnight Sky or Shadow Blue. But I am almost positive that there is zero black in those weapons. Just a blue so dark that it *could* be black. But I didn't ditch black colors completely, I just didn't want them to be part of the core look. They're there for ascents. White was hard for me. I don't like bright colors. I love vibrant colors but I'm not a big fan of white. White reflects too much and there aren't very many whites that don't look too bright to me. I almost went with one of the silver, grey, or cinder tones instead but they all made the look too dull. Instead, I settled for Crushed Bone and White.

As for the location I decided to go to the Blazeridge Steppes. I was already there killing The Shatter (who does make a few appearances in the shots, see the second picture with the head shake) anyway. I wanted it to be dark but I didn't want night. Plus when I was at the border I think the blue came out more. Granted the purple kinda pinged against the white but that was a price I was willing to pay. I did take a few clear day pics but as you can see the white just glows. I also got my raptor into the act, using the branded one to make it look like he was just bursting with energy. Plus it was locality appropriate.

At any rate, I hope folks enjoy my contribution to the great Equinox weapon glut!!!! Still ...... I really do think I'm the only male.


Fashion Guru
Jenpai, that's the person who mentioned the blue. Wanted to give her her proper credit for noticing that.
2018-09-08 6:36

Fashion Guru
Skin/hair and the mount don't match the theme.
2018-09-09 11:57

Fashion Guru
Yeah, his hair is grey though he glows a yellow color and I honestly didn't want to change his skin and hair just for one look. That's would pretty much be two ID change kits, one to change it for the look and then one to change it back once I was done with the look. Besides humans can't hope to match the same skin tones but they would still be a viable choice to try the look with. Also, I really did not want to be like all the other Sylvari who tried to this look and just be dark. I wanted to add new elements that others haven't really done.

I have considered doing it with one of my Sylvari whose skin and hair might better match but I don't have any good or decent ideas for them. I'm close with one Sylvari but I'm also partial to taking her into a different direction with a look themed around her Weaver pods and the new Elemental sword I picked up. I may reconsider and switch the color palette for another Equinox look but right now the Weaver look speaks to me for her. I'm in a similar boat with my Engineer, just lacking true inspiration. I have an idea for a look I've been building for a bit when the crafting materials are available, and so I may marry the two themes. We'll see. That one is a bit off since I need to craft an Ascended top for the proper skin.

The mount is brighter but if you make it darker and closer to the darker tones the skin looks really ugly in my opinion.
2018-09-09 17:26 in reply to Addiction

The Armour really goes nicely with the weapons! nicely done!
2018-09-30 8:28

Fashion Guru
Thank you!!!
2018-09-30 22:17 in reply to LadyLou