The Royal Adviser

By Akwon408 on August 3rd, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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2 13
7 0
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Simple and elegant look. Originally a aristocrat but it looked more of royalty to me but not like a queen or princess status so the glasses gave me an idea of "the adviser." Planning to change the gold dye to pyre when i have enough to buy it.

Reading Glasses
Sorcerer's Epaulets
Aristocrat's Coat
Aurora gloves
Cabalist Legs
Phoenix Shoes

Dyes: Recall, Gold, Celestial.


Fashion Guru
Not my colors but interesting armormix ;)
2014-08-03 13:32

Flashy! I like it.
2014-08-11 8:16

I love your armor mix! Should try something like this on my mesmer as well :) Maybe turn down one colour a little bit (so that it's not too much, since all 3 colours are rather bright now) and it'll be just perfect :)
2014-11-05 16:31

Haha, I love this. Creative pairings, and I like the purple and gold together. Would have never thought of this :)
2015-04-16 1:22