Seeker of the Name

By Whiskey Stone on August 24th, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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2 3
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This look is based on my character from Fallen London. Since it's a heavily text-based browser RPG, you can't really visualize your character (apart from choosing a cameo), so I really wanted to make it possible at least in Guild Wars 2.

Seeking the Name is a very dark quest. Not many characters return home.
I've tried to capture the key moments to this story, while combining the look. Candles, wells, madness, being Unaccountably Peckish... To be honest, I always overlooked those kind of skins since they didn't match any of my characters, and I'm glad I can use them now and they fit the theme perfectly.

I didn't use any enhancements like reshades or photoshop, also I forgot to turn on the .png command for screenshots, so quality isn't the best.

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I don't know Fallen London, but i know you character looks awesome. I like how you mach weapon to armor and all creat creepu look :)
2018-09-17 3:31

Whiskey Stone
Thank you kindly! I was beyond happy to FINALLY find a use for all those Halloween skins (both weapon and armor). :D
2018-10-06 9:17 in reply to akki